Sunday, September 03, 2006

Some progress! And a new yarn review.


Well, I'm off to see the lovely and talented Stephanie Pearl-McPhee ( in mere hours at Third Place Books in Lake City and I am DYING of excitement! It was literally the very first thing I thought of this morning when I woke up! I will endeavor to NOT scream like a Beatles fan.

Boy, nothing like a mom with the prospect of a few hours to herself.

But first an update. Finally! Getting somewhere on the Ruins of Dunstaburgh:

Also, we got in a new yarn at the LYS where I work, Classic Elite's Wool Bam Boo, and I'm making up a Reversible Garter Rib Scarf for the shop:

People. I love this yarn. It has all the snuggliness of merino and the sheen of bamboo. It's warm and springy, and the colors are GORGEOUS. So far it's been holding up well to lots of fondling, too, not a pill in sight. (You can get the pattern free with the yarn purchase at www.acornstreet com. If you like. No pressure. :))

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