Sunday, October 15, 2006

Taking time out from the endlessness of packing,

I SWEAR to myself that I am going to get rid of most of this stuff. Why am I so attached to it? I swear to Dog I keep some things I don't care about just because my mother would be sad if she knew I gave them away. Even though the only way she would ever know would be if I told her myself. (It could happen.) And even though my mother is the antithesis of packrat. Her home is camera-ready, 24/7.

Aaaaaanyway, I plopped down here to catch up and was immediately tagged for this meme (chain letter!). I usually ignore them, but this time I seem to be unable to resist. Plus I love talking about myself.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Four jobs I’ve had:

* Wife (who says it isn't a job?)
* Mother
* Preschool teacher
* retail clerk

Four movies I can watch over and over:

* Elf
* Bridget Jones' Diary
* Tombstone
* Siverado

Four places I have lived:

* Seattle, Washington
* New York City
* Omaha, Nebraska
* Madison, Wisconsin

Four television shows I love to watch:

* Grey's Anatomy
* The Office (except that new girl in Scranton better just keep her hands off Jim! Pam will come around!)
* The New Adventures of the Old Christine ( I like her, she's plucky! And slutty! Good combination.)
* Lost of course

Four places I have been on vacation:

* Disneyland
* Milwaukee, Wisconsin (home of my beloved friend Rachel and her charming jazzguy husband David.)
* The Olympic Penninsula
* Puerto Vallarta, Mexico (OMG I need to go on vacation! That was in 1989! It shoudn't even make the list! Jeez!)

Four of my favorite dishes:

* Long grain rice with steamed broccoli and my special spicy almond butter sauce
* Mom's tuna rice casserole (shut UP)
* Chicken enchiladas
* Real Caesar salad (what kind of crazy person puts bacon bits on a caesar salad?)

Four websites I visit daily:

* Yahoo for my email
*, because you never know wht to wear around here.
* My parenting support group

Four places I would rather be right now:

* Milwaukee.
* Someplace where it's about 68 degrees and comfortable to sit outside sipping cappucinos wearing a hand-knit scarf, with plenty of people milling around and maybe some kind of pastry.
* All moved in to the new place.
* In a dark movie theater, with popcorn and chocolate, and a plain vanilla sock to knit on in the dark.

Four bloggers I am tagging:
(I'm quoting Laurie here**)

* You.
* And you.
* And you, too!
* All ya'll are so tagged it is not even funny. But hey, it's better than that one chain mail where you have to send a dollar to five people on the list.

** Probably a moot point since I don't think I have 4 readers. But again, I like talking about myself.

Soon I will post a picture of the pile of boxes of knitting stuff. Except I may have already packed the camera. So don't hold your breath.

Friday, October 06, 2006

OK, damn.

I'm taking time out from the agony of packing to move (Do you have any boxes?! I need more boxes!) to link to this post about grudges.

I am hereby jumping on that bandwagon, and promising to burrow through my baggage, find the grudges, and get the flock over them. I agree that it's horrible that it took this sad, sad incident to awaken me to the toxicity of grudges, and it's time to change myself in yet another way. So here I go. I can forgive the kid who used to torture me in geometry, once by holding me by the hair while he drew a dotted line on my neck and wrote "cut here," and the father who disappeared, and the aunts with the drama addictions who broke my Nana's heart, and the thrid grade teacher who took away all my books, and the other grudges I'm sure I can remember if given enough time.

MEANWHILE, people! I am moving! Oy vey!

I keep thinking I have enough boxes for all the knitting cack and really? Again and again it is untrue. I had all these big plans to slash and burn the clutter, purge it from my life, and somehow as I pick it all up it seems that I NEED all of it. And you know, for future reference, books are heavy! They should be packed in the SMALL boxes.

Back to the trenches. Wish me luck!