Monday, August 28, 2006


My daughter has just informed me, in her very-emphatic-six-year-old voice, that she DOES NOT WANT me to knit her school sweater this year, nor any other knitted item, for that matter.


This as I was getting out the already-purchased yarn for the already chosen design that we have been talking about all summer. Thus destroying my plan of knitting her school sweater every year until she is in her teens, and therefore far too cool to wear something handmade by her uncool old mom. Apparently six is the new sixteen. Alas.

It was going to be so cute, too. An eyelet lace shrug with a bobbled ruffle at the edge of the 3/4 length sleeves and 1X1 ribbing around the opening. In scarlet baby cashmerino. Like the one I made for myself and she demanded a copy of all summer.

*shhhhhhhhhh* I might just make it anyway. Don't tell her.*


MamaMaya said...

Smooch! I say make it anyway, she's bound to change her mind by fall. Six is so fun :)

emily said...

I'm just about finished with Andy's school sweater. he starts kindergarten this year, and i'm already imagining it wadded up on the playground with leaves and dirt all over it.

Emily said...

Make it. And tell me the pattern do I can make one for Sydney. :O)