Friday, August 31, 2007

Are you in the PNW?

A friend of mine is collecting chemo caps for the hospital where she works. If you want to kick in, I'm collecting and will mail them to her at some unspecified future date. Let me know.

edited to add: Here's a link to some patterns, as requested by my beautiful Mom: Love you, Mom!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

What I Did This Summer.

This is not the only thing, but it has been by far the most important thing. It's from Victorian Lace Today, and is for my greatly beloved friend, Emily. Love in every single stitch.

and a detail:

and for Sasha, the one for my friend's wedding is a pattern I put together - picot edge, vine lace & diamond lace at the ends, with zigzag vine lace center. It's finished except for the grafting, and I will post pics as soon as it's blocked. I've finally borrowed a decent camera, so I'll be posting a whole bunch of pics this week of some of the many things I've been doing.

And for Jen, your recipe is forthcoming. I'm off to the State Fair! Funnel cake, here I come!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Well I love a rainy day.

I do. (Shut UP, Eddie Rabbitte get out of my head!)

I was thrilled to wake up and discover it's pouring out there. I opened the back door to let in the cat, and the smell of wet gravel driveway, and soggy, mossy backyard hit me full in the face. Mmmmmmmm. Maybe it's because I grew up here in the Seattle area, but I gotta say there is nothing like it.

I love the sound of the rain, and walking in it, and sitting indoors with a window cracked, listening to it fall, having a reason to wear hand-knit socks after a looooong stretch of sweating my way through a day. Wearing the cool weather (and blubber-concealing) clothes.

If I could, I would spend the whole day sitting near a window drinking hot beverages and knitting. I'm doing a lace stole for a friend who is getting married September 2. I have to work in a few hours, so as it is, I will squeeze in as many rows as I can while sitting in a window seat on the bus. And it will be great.