Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Big ole pile

of finished objects! Huzzah!

The double sided lace scarf is blocking and man oh man, do I love lace blocking. You take your squished up, hey-this-is-sort-of-a-neat-pattern scarf, soak it, and then, as you lay it out, it becomes something magical. The lace bits open up and spread out and become defined and beautiful and HEY! This isn't a scarf after all. I think it might be a wrap!

Who knew?

Here's another view. I am just so damn pleased. Grinnin' like a fool here folks!


In other news, I finished the Daughter's little teeny shrug. She actually wore it once, too! That's some high praise right there.

and the sleeve from the front:


I needed a break from the Ruins of Dunstaburgh (ohhhhh don't ask), so I whipped up these hats for some friends' kids over the weekend:

Here's the crown:

And some cabling detail:

So. It has been a busy week. The hat and shrug patterns will be written up soon.


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Angela said...

Wow, those are stunning! I love the headband in the later picture too. It's all I can do to knit a scarf with bulky yarn on size 15 needles! You do lovely work :)