Wednesday, September 06, 2006

You know what I love?

Well. I'll tell you.



double eyelet rib.

I love it. It is my favorite stitch, my old standby, my first lace love. My very good friend. I love it.

When I first discovered lace, I must have made literally fifty hats in double eyelet rib. FIFTY! That's a lot of hats. Then I branched out and made scarves, wristlets, a gaiter. I had thought the double eyelet rib was old. Passe. I was over it. Then I decided to ignore my daughter's wishes about me never never ever ever knitting her anything for school AT ALL MAMA!

I have a little preview for you:

It is so preeeeeeeetty! *starryeyed* Although it's not so pinky in real life. More deep crimson (it's baby cashmerino, in case you were wondering). And BONUS! Once I told my precious girl that it wasn't for her but I want her to model it for the pattern, she demanded that I let her have it.

Very satisfying.


I have another FO to share - I wanted to find a way to use a single skein of Mountain Colors' Mountain Goat, an absolutely DELICIOUS hand-dyed wool and mohair blend with a SLIGHTLY (ha! slightly!) off-budget price tag. That is, if I were to need more than one skein.

So I came up with another lace scarf pattern - this one with a small ruffled edge. I used a Harmony Guides lace pattern, which I REALLY wish I could remember now, and the Mountain Goat in Lupine. It is scrumpdillyiscious, and actually it worked out so that I can wear it as a scarf or a very small wraplet. I will have the Camera Master take some shots of it on some shoulders soonish-ly, but here is what I can show you now:

I likey!


emily said...

what is the pattern for double eyelet rib? i'm sure i can find it in harmony or elsewhere, but just thought i'd ask.

Cassie said...

Hi baby! I love your stuff.