Monday, January 05, 2009

I don't do Resolutions.

You new there was a "but" coming, right? How could there not be? Last week I was digging around in my storage area (aka the space behind the sofa) and found myself pulling out UFO* after UFO, all carefully sealed up in individual ziplocks (suck on that, evil moth population!). And they just kept coming. I was sort of tossing them over my shoulder onto my ottoman. When I finally found the thing I was looking for, I turned around and was faced with


Holy shit, there must be 40 UFOs in the pile. And that is so not all of them.

I decided to face that reality every day, starting immediately. I slid each and every one of those suckers (mostly - I've stopped looking behind the couch for the time being) into my bookshelf (right next to the tv, no avoiding them). So maybe I'd feel inspired to actually work on them. No pressure, but hey, with 50 WIPS** staring me right in the face every day, at least one of them's got to be moving enough to me that I'll pick it up, right?

So far I have finished three pairs of malingering socks, written down 4 patterns, woven in ends on two scarves. And started on new thing. Which I feel I've earned, what with all the new socks in my drawer. Photos forthcoming, as soon as I can nail down someone who doesn't suck at it as much as I do.

I'm kinda excited about all this. Ideas are flowing like hot fudge, man. And I love hot fudge.

* 'Unfinished Objects,' for the muggles*** out there.
** 'Works in Progress' for same.
*** That's what we Knitters call you non-knitters.