Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Gloria's Ruins of Dunstaburgh Castle Pullover

OK! Good place to keep track of my custom work, yes? Yes!

Met with the client, the lovely and sweet Gloria, last Wednesday to pick up her yarn and pattern - Classic Elite "Ruins of Dunstaburgh Castle" and Dale Heilo - to make her a huge cuddly walkin'-the-dog-type sweater for this Fall.

She wants to substitute k2p2 rib for the trinity stitch border and cuffs, make it mid-thigh length, and throw on a mock t-neck as well. No sweat, right? Except that today, as I was converting the pattern to knit in the round rather than in flat pieces, I realized that we had planned to make the body 5 inches longer than it is in the pattern.

Rut roh.

Quick, only mildly panicked call to Gloria - quick consult, and what we decided is this: I will knit the body to the length recommended in the pattern, then make one sleeve and see exactly how deep the sleeve hole really is (I'm betting MUCH deeper than originally suspected), to determine whether we need to actually make it that long. She is, you see, a little peanut and our first plan might have left her swimming in a giant cabled sleeping bag. Then another quick call to The Weaving Works to find that they have only 6 balls of this yarn left and they are a mixed bag of dye lots. They are holding the whole motley pile for me for 2 weeks just in case. Bless their hearts.

So now I have to learn to attach pics, I guess. I am so lazy about that. Takes away from my knitting time! Grr! As soon as I figure it out, I will post a pic of the incredibly exciting two and a half inches of k2p2 ribbing I have finished so far. YEEHAW.

That k2p2 sure pulls in. *nibbles nails a little*

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