Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I had a few thoughts.

Did I ever tell you that Canadian money is my favorite money of all? Better even than Monopoly money, or Chuck E. Cheese tokens! I love Canadians. They have a coin with a beaver on one side, and the Queen on the other side. Gives an all new meaning to heads or tails, yes? Yes!


Who is more wrong? The person who starts to turn right into a gas station without signaling and narrowly misses hitting the car on her right (Oops! Yes I was wrong and I fully admit it, I MADE A MISTAKE), which is trying to illegally pass on the right, or the driver of the car (who tried to illegally pass on the right) who then follows her into the parking lot to threaten her with violence?

Yeah, that's what I thought, too.

Sticks and stones and all, but why does it continue to bother me, when I know she was probably unhinged in some fundamental way and not someone I care about or respect or even know at all? I just don't get what causes people to need to do something like that. She actually wanted to beat me up. Tried to bait me into a fight the whole time I was pumping my gas, which is traumatic enough by itself (threedollarsagallonohmygod). Weird! Anyway it made me feel all nervous and twitchy for a surprisingly long time after.

AND, there is knitting coming. Seriously. The battle of the camera batteries may well be on the way to won. Or I will maybe just cobble together something with borrowing, wheedling, and batting my eyelashes.


emily n said...

I was at an atm when a woman practically knocked me down to get her card in the slot. It was one of those that the card takes forever to spit out, and i was waiting, but she obviously couldn't. my gut response was to elbow her, since she was that close, and say 'do you mind?'. She flipped out and threatened to call the cops for assault. I encouraged her to do so, and then pushed my baby with my big pregnant belly down the street. I wasn't thinking of it anymore when i was waiting for the light to change, when all of a sudden the crazy woman ran up on me and leaped on my back and punched me a couple of times. then jumped off and ran away, screaming obsenities as she did. I really wanted to chase her down, and a woman standing there probably saw it in my eyes and said to me 'mind your baby'. I realized then how crazy and unpredictable the general public can be and how just one little thing might set someone off. I was twitchy and nervous for the rest of the day. That experience has taught me to remain passive, even though my gut wants to be combative. I feel ya Kristin. people are nuts ! ! !

Laura Sue said...

When I got a divorce the ex turned on me. He wasn't violent, but I've never had anyone hate me before. It was unnerving and it lingered with me for years. There's just something profoundly unsettling about being the target for someone's anger like that. I feel for you.