Saturday, January 06, 2007

Kinda tired of packin' and unpackin'

It is truly astonishing how much taking apart and rebuilding a household can drain right out of you. If anyone had told me how long it would take for me to get back here, I would not have believed it. But back I am. I have missed you. And there is knitting to be shared.

Knitting oh knitting, oh how I love thee, oh how grateful I am for your calming, soothing, repetitive motion, your beautiful colors and comforting soft fibers. You are my balm in sad times, my joy, my wooby.

And now I shall thank you by SHOWING YOU OFF!

For the record folks, I have been in negotiations with multiple webdudes who seem to all have the same M.O. of fraking off with my ideas, never to be seen again.

So anyway, here we are, in no particular order:

DB Cotton Cashmere hat for Trina, (my own pattern) pending her approval:

Headbands in various colorways (my pattern) for Cynthia to choose from:

Fabulous Ultra Alpaca reversible cable scarf from Cables Untangled (which, by the by, is an EXCELLENT book! Beautiful patterns, great instructions, and a large stitch dictionary in the back - RECOMMENDED!)

Part of a cabled clog sock (my pattern, Ultra Alpaca AGAIN) for the lovely and talented dubby, which has since been finished, and its mate begun:

Kind of boring Cascade 220 sock for my generous and particular Beloved Mom, part of a pairs of pairs for which she has been waiting patiently for way too long:

Half of the body for a client sweater, which is now finished up to the neck. It's an Elizabeth Zimmerman saddle shoulder from Knitting Without Tears. Very fun to work, in what else? Berroco Ultra Alpaca:

There are a pantload of other new items which have not yet been photographed. They will come soon.

Thanks for your patience.


Lauren said...

All your stuff is great! Don't you love that Ultra Alpaca?

kristin said...

Oh, I do. I seem to try to make every pattern work with it. Its only drawback that I can see is that being so soft, it might pill quickly. But knitting it at a tighter gauge will help a little.

and thanks. :)

Emily said...

Just beautiful. The scarf is amazing. I've been thinking about getting that book. I might just need to. Nice to have you back.


kristin said...

It is so good. I like every single pattern in it. I just need a client to hire me to make something from it, so I can justify the expense.

emilyn said...

i missed you kristin!
at last i can drool again over your sumptuous knits
peace out

Cassie said...

You're back! I missed you. :)

Anonymous said...

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