Monday, May 19, 2008

All our bathtub water are brown.


Looks like weak tea in there. So here I sit, flummoxed. It's not stinky, it's not coming out of the kitchen sink faucet. I called the landlord. Here I sit, stinky, with bedhead and morning face. I need to take the darling child to school. My back hurts. Oh, yeah, I got my period, too.

I suppose it's only a matter of time before I become so disgusting that the brown water is cleaner than I am.

Here I sit, waiting for that moment.

UPDATE! This just in, from the landlord. Apparently, someone called "they" must have just "stirred the mains." Huh. Which ultimately means that we should not run anything like the dishwasher or washing machines until we can get the water to run clean in the tub. So, after (over)watering all the plants, I am pouring gallons of water down the drain, looking for the clean. Yeesh.

p.s. still stinky.

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HRH said...

OH no. That happens to my parent's house all the time. It is the weirdest yellow/brown color. Their water smells a bit like minerals too which probably is what spas use and charge big bucks for so go take a nice long mineral bath!