Sunday, August 19, 2007

Well I love a rainy day.

I do. (Shut UP, Eddie Rabbitte get out of my head!)

I was thrilled to wake up and discover it's pouring out there. I opened the back door to let in the cat, and the smell of wet gravel driveway, and soggy, mossy backyard hit me full in the face. Mmmmmmmm. Maybe it's because I grew up here in the Seattle area, but I gotta say there is nothing like it.

I love the sound of the rain, and walking in it, and sitting indoors with a window cracked, listening to it fall, having a reason to wear hand-knit socks after a looooong stretch of sweating my way through a day. Wearing the cool weather (and blubber-concealing) clothes.

If I could, I would spend the whole day sitting near a window drinking hot beverages and knitting. I'm doing a lace stole for a friend who is getting married September 2. I have to work in a few hours, so as it is, I will squeeze in as many rows as I can while sitting in a window seat on the bus. And it will be great.


Sasha said...

What a great present! Which stole pattern are you making?

Cassie said...

Mmmmm. I can smell the rain. I wish it'd rain here. We've been soooo dry this summer.